Geographic Genetic Variation in Southern Red Oak

A five-year-old southern red oak provenance-progeny test planted in central Mississippi exhibits clinal patterns of increasing tree height, diameter, and survival as origin of the acorns moves southward and/or closer to the sea coast. Sources from southeastern Texas and eastern Georgia have grown fastest at the Mississippi site. Narrow-sense heritability estimates for open pollinated families within sources ranged from 0.30 to 0.43 for third-year and fifth-year diameters and heights. Survival did not differ among provenances during the first five years of the study. Additional keywords: Quercus falcata var. falcata, provenance test, progeny test, heritability.

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Author(s): A. M. Mukewar, Samuel B. Land, Jr.

Publication: Tree Improvement and Genetics - Southern Forest Tree Improvement Conference - 1987

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