A Challenge for Tree Improvement

Growth gains have been projected from several levels of genetic testing. Hard evidence that expected gains are being realized on an operational scale is scarce, and its acquisition will be difficult. Evidence from every potential source should be examined for direct or inferential bearing on the question. Yield trial, progeny test, and field verification information are discussed herein as exemplary sources, and a positive case is made for substantial growth gains in a specific circumstance. The tree improvement community in the South has a collective responsibility to demonstrate that its achievements are real and implementable, and it should be appropriate to meet that responsibility through collective action. Our clients are asking the questions. When will we have the answers?

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Author(s): William T. Gladstone, P. M. Bean, J. H. Hughes, Cheryl B. Talbert

Publication: Tree Improvement and Genetics - Southern Forest Tree Improvement Conference - 1987

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