Inheritance Of Sprout Growth In American Sycamore

A 4-year-old progeny test of 64 wind-pollinated sycamore families was harvested and stumps were permitted to sprout. After four years, sprouts were measured and heritabilities calculated for growth. The plantation averaged 2.49 sprouts per clump; dominant sprouts averaged 7.89 m tall and 5.21 cm in diameter at 30 cm. Total dry weight production of the 0.23 ha plantation was 8,284 kg/ha/year during the sprout rotation. Narrow-sense heritabilities were: height, 0.16; diameter of dominant sprout, 0.20; number of sprouts per clump, 0.05; sprouting capacity expressed as total dry weight of all sprouts in a clump, 0.17. Family averages in dry weight per clump varied widely: the best family was 46% greater than the plantation average, the poorest family equaled only 48% of the plantation average.

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Author(s): Charles D. Webb, Roger P. Belanger

Publication: Tree Improvement and Genetics - Southern Forest Tree Improvement Conference - 1979

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