How Seedbugs Reduce the Quantity and Quality of Pine Seed Yields

The seedbugs Tetyra bipunctata(H.-S.) and Leptoglossus corculus(Say) are sucking insects that reduce the yield of pine seed by inserting their stylets into a cone and secreting enzymes into an ovule or seed. L. corculus destroys first-year ovules, and the conelets are aborted. Second-year cones that are fed upon may yield fewer seed or greater numbers of non-viable seed. The problems involved in detecting these losses in seed orchards are discussed. Data for several major species of southern pines are presented to illustrate the damage potential of seedbugs. Additional keywords: Leptoglossus corculus, Tetyra bipunctata, Pinus echinata, P. taeda.

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Author(s): Gary L. DeBarr, B. H. Ebel

Publication: Tree Improvement and Genetics - Southern Forest Tree Improvement Conference - 1973

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