Development of Grafting and Pollination Methods

The development of satisfactory sexual or vegetative propagation methods for a tree species usually involves a certain amount of trial-and-error experimentation. To minimize these empirical tests, two types of knowledge are essential. The first requirement is information concerning the biology of the species which may include anatomy, morphology, phenology, details of normal reproduction, and inherent limitations of the capacity to reproduce by seed or asexual means. Secondly, a thorough familiarity is needed with basic techniques of grafting and pollinating, the tools needed, and the various materials that facilitate the work. Much information on these topics is recorded in forestry and horticultural literature. Thus, the tree breeder or grafter has a large background of useful experience available which can be used to aid the establishment of an efficient program.

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Author(s): Ray E. Goddard

Publication: Tree Improvement and Genetics - Southern Forest Tree Improvement Conference - 1967

Section: General Session

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