Four Native Species and Two Hybrid Pines Compared in Western Maryland

The growth rates and survival of four pines native to Maryland ( Pinus taeda , P. strobus , P. rigida and P. virginiana ) and two hybrid pines (P. rigida x taeda F1and P. virginiana x clausa F) were studied in the nursery and in two plantations in western Maryland. At ten years after planting in Allegany County (elevation 350 m), all sources sho d an outstanding survival (80% to 100%), and P. taeda, P. rigida x taeda and P. virginiana were the tallest (4.53 m to 4.81m high). In Garrett County (elevation 730 m and only 135 frost-free days per annum), P. taeda failed (only 11% of trees survived) and its height was only 1.71 m when P. rigida x taeda trees were 3.80 m high. P. virginiana x clausa showed only an average growth rate (3.51 m) and a poor survival (26%). Additional keywords : tree improvement, site x plant interaction

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Author(s): John. B Genys

Publication: Tree Improvement and Genetics - North Central Tree Improvement Conference - 1989

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