Genetic Improvement of Siberian Larch for Prairie Shelterbelts

The tree improvement program at the PFRA Tree Nursery emphasizes studies aimed at developing superior tree and shrub species for planting in prairie shelterbelts. In the past several years considerable attention has been focused on genetic improvement of Siberian larch ( Larix sibirica ). The project has included seed collection from the native range of the species in the Soviet Union; establishment of provenance tests; selection of plus trees from existing plantations; development of breeding techniques, including pollen handling and controlled pollination; and investigations on methods of sexual as well as asexual propagation. Additional keywords : Larix sibirica , botanical description reproduction, improvement program, pollination

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Author(s): W. R. (Bill) Schroeder

Publication: Tree Improvement and Genetics - North Central Tree Improvement Conference - 1987

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