Isozyme Variability in Central Ontario Jack Pine

Megagametophyte isozyme analysis of 320 jack pine trees from 32 stands in 8 central Ontario townships indicated a high level of genetic variability as measured by average homozygosity (H=0.15). Of 27 isozyme loci detected in 13 enzyme systems, 20 loci were polymorphic. The proportions of average heterozygosity attributed to differences among townships and differences among stands were 2.5% and 6.7% respectively. Approximately 1.5% and 5.2% of the total genetic variability detected could be attributed to among-township and amongstand differences. The high level of isozyme variability found within a small geographic area of jack pine was similar to that found in other conifer species sampled over a much wider area, and has implications for operational jack pine breeding programs.

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Author(s): Roy G. Danzmann, George P. Buchert

Publication: Tree Improvement and Genetics - Northeastern Forest Tree Improvement Conference - 1982

Section: Session 4

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