How Much Forest Tree Improvement Can We Expect From Genetical Methods

The "genetic" methods used in forest tree improvement can be divided into three main categories. The first is based on the recognition and multiplication of existing superior germ plasm. In the second category we have those methods which intensify or combine desirable traits into one individual. These desirable traits can exist in various individuals of the same species or in individuals of different species. In the third category we have those methods which develop new types (genotypes) with the help of mutagenic agents. I would like to consider the various methods, briefly discuss their extensive and intensive applications, and speculate on the type and amount of improvement one can expect. It is very difficult at this stage to made sound economic predictions because tree improvement is still in its infancy and only very limited basic knowledge has been accumulated.

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Author(s): Francois Mergen

Publication: Tree Improvement and Genetics - Northeastern Forest Tree Improvement Conference - 1955

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