Hermaphroditism in Populus

Since 1878, a number of references have appeared in the literature describing abnormal flowering habits in Populus, chiefly P. tremuloides. Individual trees having both staminate and pistillate catkins as well as trees with staminate and pistillate flowers mixed together on the same catkin were among the first reported. Occasionally, perfect flowers, having both .male and female flower parts, were found in combination with the other abnormalities. Terms such as monoecious, polygamo-monoecious, and polygamodioecious could be used to describe the aberrant individuals, but for the purposes of this paper all trees possessing both male and female flowers or flower parts will be classified as hermaphroditic. In most cases these were predominantly female in character but some males were also found.

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Author(s): Frank S. Santamour, Jr.

Publication: Tree Improvement and Genetics - Northeastern Forest Tree Improvement Conference - 1955

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