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2012 Winter Forest Nursery Notes - New Nursery Literature

Diverse Species

© Field establishment of little bluestem and prairie dropseed under managed conditions

Fedewa, C. A. and Stewart, J. R. Native Plants Journal 12(2):111-117. 2011.

© Forest restoration potentials of coal-mined lands in the eastern United States

Zipper, C. E., Burger, J. A., McGrath, J. M., Rodrigue, J. A., and Holtzman, G. I. Journal of Environmental Quality 40:1567-1577. 2011.

© Germination of seeds in the endangered Abronia macrocarpa

Goodson, J. and Williamson, P. S. Southwestern Naturalist 56(2):141-146. 2011.

© Germination of the federally endangered Michaux's sumac (Rhus michauxii)

Bolin, J. F., Jones, M. E., and Musselman, L. J. Native Plants Journal 12(2):119-122. 2011.

© Germination of two seed types from three Dalea species

Molano-Flores, B., Coons, J. M., and Cunningham, J. B. Castanea 76(3):266-271. 2011.

How a planting changes over time

Munro, N. and Lindenmayer, D. IN: Planting for wildlife: a practical guide to restoring native woodlands, p. 63-73. CSIRO Publishing.

© How do riparian woody seedlings survive seasonal drought?

Stella, J. C. and Battles, J. J. Oecologia 164:579-590. 2010.

© It's not all asphalt: Washington State Department of Transportation's use of native plants

Buis, S. International Plant Propagators' Society, combined proceedings, 2010, 60:241-244. 2011.

© Maine nursery and landscape industry perspectives on invasive plant issues

Coats, V. C., Stack, L. B., and Rumpho, M. E. Invasive Plant Science and Management 4:378-389. 2011.

© Native Plant Materials Directory

Native Plants Journal 12(2):136-211. 2011.

© Optimized scarification protocols improve germination of diverse Rubus germplasm

Wada, S. and Reed, B. M. Scientia Horticulturae 130:660664. 2011.

© Overcoming dormancy and enhancing germination of Sphaeralcea munroana seeds

Kildisheva, O. A., Dumroese, R. K., and Davis, A. S. HortScience 46(12):1672-1676. 2011.

Plant material collection guide

St. John, L., Ogle, D. G., Scianna, J., and Winslow, S. USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, Technical Note, TN Plant Materials No. 1. 17 p. 2010.

Planting strategies to establish giant bulrush

Mallison, C. T. and Thompson, B. Z. Journal of Aquatic Plant Management 48:111-115. 2010.

Seed ecology of Lindera melissifolia (Lauraceae) as it relates to rarity of the species

Hawkins, T. S., Walck, J. L., and Hidayati, S. N. Journal of the Torrey Botanical Society 138(3):298-307. 2011.

© Seed germination of southern Chihuahuan Desert plants in response to elevated temperatures

Perez-Sanchez, R. M., Jurado, E., Chapa-Vargas, L., and Flores, J. Journal of Arid Environments 75:978-980. 2011.

Shrub-Steppe Species Germination Trials and Survival after Outplanting on Bare Soils

Link, S. O., Cruz, R. O., Harper, B. L., Jones, J. D., and Penney, B. L. IN: National Proceedings: Forest and Conservation Nursery Associations — 2010, p. 159-167. Riley, L.E., Haase, D.L. and Pinto, J.R. technical coordinators. USDA Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station, Proceedings RMRS-P-65. 2011.

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