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2010 Winter Forest Nursery Notes - New Nursery Literature

General and Miscellaneous

Reforestation: conclusions and implications (Chapter 16)

Nagendra, H. and Southworth, J. IN: Reforesting landscapes: Linking pattern and process, p. 357-367. Nagendra, H. and Southworth, J., eds. Springer Science. 2010.

Genetics and Tree Improvement

© Benefits of using genetically improved white spruce in Quebec: the forest landowner's viewpoint

Petrinovic, J. F., Gelinas, N., and Beaulieu, J. Forestry Chronicle 85(4):571-582. 2009.

© Genetic variation in seed size and germination patterns and their effect on white spruce seedling characteristics

Carles, S., Lamhamedi, M. S., Beaulieu, J., and Stowe, D. C. Silvae Genetica 58(4):152-161. 2009.

Mycorrhizae & Beneficial Microorganisms

Infectivity and effectiveness of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in horticultural practices

Corkidi, L., Evans, M., and Bohn, J. International Plant Propagators' Society, combined proceedings, 2008, 58:241-244. 2009.

© Low Frankia inoculatio potentials in primary successional sites at Mount St

Helens, Washington, USA. Seeds, J. D. and Bishop, J. G. Plant and Soil 323:225-233. 2009.

© Molecular genetic tools to infer the origin of forest plants and wood

Finkeldey, R., Leinemann, L., and Gailing, O. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology 85:1251-1258. 2010.

Opportunities from Down Under: How mycorrhizal fungi can benefit nursery propagation and production systems

Davies, F. T., Jr. International Plant Propagators' Society, combined proceedings, 2008, 58:539-548. 2009.

Truffles and oak selection

Fitzpatrick, N. International Plant Propagators' Society, combined proceedings, 2008, 58:91-93. 2009.

Nursery Structures & Equipment

Choosing the best biomass heating option

Sanford, S. Greenhouse Management and Production 29(11):20, 22-25. 2009.

Keratin biodegradable plastics

Teffeau, M. American Nurseryman 209(9):44-45. 2009.

Save fuel and electricity with energy/shade screens

Bartok, J. W, Jr. Greenhouse Management and Production 29(9):38-39. 2009.

Selecting a greenhouse curtain for better environmental control

Parhst, K. Greenhouse Management and Production 29(122):16, 18-20. 2009.

Upgrading the greenhouse water supply system

Bartok, J. W., Jr. Greenhouse Management and Production 29(12):30-31. 2009.

Outplanting Performance

Competitive interaction between Microstegium vimineum and first-year seedlings of three central hardwoods

Marshall, J. M., Buckley, D. S., and Franklin, J. A. Journal of the Torrey Botanical Society 136(3):342-349. 2009.

© The effect of root and shoot pruning on early growth of hybrid poplars

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© The effect of soil compaction on germination and early growth of Eucalyptus albens and an exotic annual grass

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© Fall planting and tree shelters for reforestation in the east Washington Cascades

Taylor, M., Haase, D. L., and Rose, R. L. Western Journal of Applied Forestry 24(4):173-179. 2009.

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