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2010 Winter Forest Nursery Notes - New Nursery Literature

Diverse Species

Seed propagation techniques for selected California natives at Suncrest Nurseries

Smith, M. N. International Plant Propagators' Society, combined proceedings, 2008, 58:403-407. 2009.

Seed storage potential for dwarf birch (Betula glandulosa Michx.)

Forbes, K. and Beardmore, T. Propagation of Ornamental Plants 9(3):143-150. 2009.

© Seedling competition between native cottonwood and exotic saltcedar: implications for restoration

Bhattacharjee, J., Taylor, J. P., Jr., Smith, L. M., and Haukos, D. A. Biol. Invasions 11:1777-1787. 2009.

© Sulfuric acid scarification of Callicarpa americana L. (Lamiaceae) seeds improves germination

Contreras, R. N. and Ruter, J. M. Native Plants Journal 10(3):283-286. 2009.

© Survival and genet growth and development of field-planted giant cane (Arundinaria gigantea) over time in southern Illinois

Zaczek, J. J., Baer, S. G., Hartleb, J. L., Brendecke, W. W, and Schoonover, J. E. Castanea 74(3):286-299. 2009.

Fertilization and Nutrition

An advisor's experience of the use of compost teas in nursery stock production

Hutchinson, D. International Plant Propagators' Society, combined proceedings, 2008, 58:440-442. 2009.

Chlorophyll fluorescence response of Pinus radiata clones to nitrogen and phosphorus supply

Bown, H. E., Mason, E. G., Clinton, P. W., and Watt, M. S. Ciencia e Investigacion Agraria 36(3):451-464. 2009.

The difference between nutrient solubility and mobility

Mattson, N. and Leatherwood, W. R. Greenhouse Management and Production 29(12):22-26. 2009.

Effect of N and NPK fertilizers on early field performance of narrow-leaved ash, Fraxinus angustifolia

Cicek, E., Yilmaz, F., and Yilmaz, M. Journal of Environmental Biology 31:109-114. 2010.

© Fall fertilization of Pinus resinosa seedlings: nutrient uptake, cold hardiness, and morphological development

Islam, M. A., Apostol, K. G., Jacombs, D. F., and Dumroese, R. K. Annals of Forest Science 66:704-712. 2009.

© Foliar iron-fertilisation of fruit trees: present knowledge and future perspectives - a review

Fernandez, V., Orera, I., Abadia, J., and Abadia, A. Journal of Horticultural Science & Biotechnology 84(1):1-6. 2009.

Understanding plant nutrition: common high media-EC problems

Fisher, P. and Argo, B. Greenhouse Grower July 2009. 2009.

General and Miscellaneous

© Modelling the time course of shade, temperature, and wood recovery in streams with riparian forest restoration

Davies-Colley, R. J., Meleason, M. A., Hall, G. M. J., and Rutherford, J. C. New Zealand Journal of Marine and Freshwater Research 43:673-688. 2009.

Nursery worker turnover and language proficiency

Mathers, H. M., Acuna, A. A., Behe, B. K., and Hodges, A. W HortScience 45(1):71-77. 2010.

© An outbreak of Pontiac fever due to Legionella longbeachae serogroup 2 found in potting mix in a horticultural nursery in New Zealand

Cramp, G. J., Harte, D., Douglas, N. M., and Graham, F. Epidemiology and Infecttion 138:15-20. 2010.

A picture is worth...

Johnson, J. International Plant Propagators' Society, combined proceedings, 2008, 58:143-152. 2009.

© Reforestation planning using Bayesian networks

Galan, C. 0., Matias, J. M., Rivas, T., and Bastante, F. G. Environmental Modelling and Software 24:1285- 1292. 2009.

Reforestation: challenges and themes in reforestation research (Chapter 1)

Southworth, J. and Nagendra, H. IN: Reforesting landscapes: Linking pattern and process, p. 1-14. Nagendra, H. and Southworth, J., eds. Springer Science. 2010. This book integrates research findings from scientists working in a range of contexts and continents to examine reforestation. It is targeted to research community working on biophysical, geographic, socioeconomic, and institutional processes associated with reforestation.

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