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2009 Winter Forest Nursery Notes - New Nursery Literature

Diverse Species

Restoration Demographic: A 10-Year Demographic Comparison Between Introduced and Natural Populations of Endemic Centaurea Corymbosa (Asteraceae)

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Rooting Stewartia and Native Azaleas Using Softwood Cuttings

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Seed Supply for Broadscale Restoration: Maximizing Evolutionary Potential

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Seed Transfer Zones for a Native Grass Festuca Roemeri:Genecological Evidence

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Seedling Establishment of Two Shrubby Plant Native to the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range

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Seedling Population Size and Microhabitat Association in Lupinus Oreganus, A Threatened Plant of Western Oregan Grasslands

Withrow-Robinson, B. and Johnson, R. Oregon State University Extension Service, EM 8885-E. 10 p. 2006. Can be downloaded from:

Spontaneous Succession Versus Technical Reclamation in the Restoration of Disturbed Sites

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Understory Colonization of Eucalyptus Plantation in Hawii in Relation to Light and Nutrient Levels

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Vegetation succession in reclaimed coal-mining slopes in a Mediterranean-dry environment. de las Heras, J. M., Nicolau, J. M., and Espigares, T. Ecological Engineering 34:168-178. 2008.
Vital Steps Towards Success of Endangered Plant Reintroductions

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Wild About Natives

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The Willamette Valley Seed Increase Program: Developing Genetically Diverse Germplasm Using an Ecoregion Approach

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Fertilization and Nutrition

Controlled Release Fertilizers- Measuring Nutrient Release Rates

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Controlled Release Technology (Agricultural)

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Effects of Fertilization and Water Stress on Eucalyptus Camaldulensis Seedlings Siddiqui, M. T., Shah, A. H., and Tariq, M. A. Journal of Tropical Forest Science 20(3):215-210. 2008.
Estimation of Release Properties of Slow-release Fertilizer Material Medina, L. C., Sartain, J. B., and Obreza, T. A. HortTechnology 19(1):13-15. 2009.
Field Nutrition Mickelbart, M. V. American Nurseryman 208(7):28-31. 2008.