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Carolyn "Carrie" Pike

Carrie PikeArea Regeneration Specialist

Purdue University
Dept of Forest and Natural Resources
715 West State Street
West Layfayette, IN 47907-2061
TEL: 765.496.6417
FAX: 765.496.2422



I previously worked at the University of Minnesota running the daily operations of the Minnesota Tree Improvement Cooperative from the Cloquet Forestry Center since 1998. More recently, I served as Director of Operations of the center and the Hubachek Wilderness Research Center (Ely, MN) while completing my Ph.D. in Natural Resources Science and Management at the University of Minnesota, St. Paul. My dissertation project, on white spruce, included studying the effects of simulated winter warming on early season phenology, along with an evaluation of phenotypic and physiologic traits of seed sources selected for improved growth.  

For my Master of Science at the State University of New York (ESF), Syracuse, my primary thesis project was characterizing black oak decline on Long Island, NY, and my secondary project was studying growth, blister rust, and weevil incidence in eastern and western white pine provenance trials. While earning my bachelor of science in biology at Trinity College in Hartford, CT, I spent a semester at the School for Field Studies, Center for Rainforest Studies, in Queensland, Australia, where I studied seedling recruitment in riparian versus interior rainforest types for my student project. I am currently the Area Regeneration Specialist for the Northeastern Area and am attached to the Hardwood Tree Improvement and Regeneration Center at Purdue University. I provide technical assistance to State-owned nursery and genetic resource programs in the 20-state area served by the Northeastern Area.