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The RNGR Team
Photo of Kas Dumroese Kasten Dumroese
Research Plant Physiologist
Editor, Native Plants Journal
USDA Forest Service
Rocky Mountain Research Station
1221 South Main Street
Moscow, ID 83843
TEL: 208.883.2324
FAX: 208.883.2318
Photo of Diane Haase Diane Haase
Western Nursery/Reforestation Specialist
Editor, Tree Planters' Notes
USDA Forest Service
P.O. Box 3623
Portland, OR 97208
TEL: 503.808.2349
FAX: 503.808.2339
Photo of George Hernandez George Hernandez
Southern Nursery/Reforestation Specialist
USDA Forest Service,
Cooperative Forestry
1720 Peachtree Road NW
Suite 850S
Atlanta, GA 30367
TEL: 404-347-3554
FAX: 404-347-2776
Photo of Bob Karrfalt Robert "Bob" Karrfalt
Director National Seed Laboratory
Purdue University
Dept of Forest and Natural Resources
715 West State Street
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2061
Photo of Carrie Pike Carolyn "Carrie" Pike
Area Regeneration Specialist
USDA Forest Service
Purdue University
715 West State Street
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2061
Photo of Jeremiah R Pinto Jeremiah R Pinto
Research Plant Physiologist
Tribal Nursery Specialist
USDA Forest Service
Rocky Mountain Research Station
1221 South Main St.
Moscow, ID 83843
TEL: 208-883-2352
FAX: 208-883-2318



RNGR Associates
Photo of Tom Landis Tom Landis
Nursery Specialist - Emeritus
Editor, Forest Nursery Notes
Daniel J Drummond Daniel J Drummond
IT Programmer
University of Georgia
Forest Resources 4-433
Athens, GA 30602
TEL: 706-614-0103
FAX: 706-542-3342
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