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The Forest Service National Center for Reforestation, Nurseries, and Genetic Resources (RNGR) is a leading source of technical information for nurseries and land managers regarding production and planting of trees and other native plants for reforestation, restoration, and conservation.

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National Reforestation & Restoration Directory

The directory is EXPANDING to include more detailed information and to add providers of seed, nursery, planting, and post-planting services and products. Are you interested in increasing your customer base and reaching individuals who are focused on reforestation and restoration projects?

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The directory is your online source for finding businesses that support reforestation and conservation source for finding businesses.

Branch Out Marketplace

The marketplace is a resource for sharing and finding currently available products and services. This resource helps to match existing inventory of seed, seedlings, supplies, equipment, labor with customers. Register here to add a new listing or to search the listings.

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Cultivate'24 Hort Trade Show

Columbus, OH
July 13th – July 16th

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2024 National Silviculture Workshop

Tacoma, WA
July 16th – July 18th

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2024 Joint Annual Meeting: Southern And Northeastern Forest And Conservation Nursery Associations

Little Rock, AR
July 22nd – July 25th

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FarWest Hort Trade Show

Portland, OR
August 21st – August 23rd

For more information, click here.

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Popular Resources


  • Tree Planters' Notes

    This publication is dedicated to technology transfer and publication of research information relating to nursery production and outplanting of trees, shrubs, and native plants for reforestation, conservation, and restoration.

  • A Nursery Guide for the Production of Bareroot Hardwood Seedlings

    This guidebook is designed to provide an overview of topics related to the bareroot production of hardwood tree seedlings. It is highly revised from the previous guidebook published in 1994 (Agricultural handbook No. 473).

  • The Container Tree Nursery Manual

    This seven volume set provides a comprehensive overview of topics concerning the production of tree and woody shrub seedlings in containers.

  • Tropical Nursery Manual

    A Guide to Starting and Operating a Nursery for Native and Traditional Plants

    This comprehensive manual serves people who are starting or operating a nursery for native and traditional species in the tropics. Key concepts, principles, and processes are presented, based on proven practices and the best science available.

  • The Woody Plant Seed Manual

    General principles such as seed biology, harvesting, storage, testing as well as nursery practices.

  • RNGR.net includes a repository of approximately 12,000 searchable and downloadable articles relevant to nursery production, seedling quality, reforestation, tree improvement, germplasm conservation, and native plant restoration. Click here for more publications.

Available in Hard Copy

Several RNGR publications are available (free). If you would like to receive a copy, click here to see the list of available publications and to place your order.

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