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Intermountain Forest Tree Nutrition Cooperative
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2011 Research Presentations given at the 2011 IFTNC Annual Meeting - The IFTNC is a research cooperative composed of public and private forestry organizations. The research area covers the Intermountain Northwest, from the east side of the Cascades to the west side of the Rocky Mountains. The IFTNC has established over 250 long-term study areas in Oregon, Idaho, Washington and Montana. The common interest is in diagnosing forest site nutrient availability by site types to prescribe appropriate treatments to achieve management objectives. IFTNC research concentrates on conservation of nutrients through proper harvesting, site preparation, stand establishment and density control, as well as enhancement through fertilization. Evaluation of multi-nutrient availability is key to optimizing vigorous forest growth under the diverse site conditions found in the Intermountain Northwest. The IFTNC is located administratively in the College of Natural Resources at the University of Idaho with Dr. Mark Coleman as the director. The cooperative is governed by a steering committee composed of one representative from each member organization.

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Treesearch is an online system for accessing publications by research and development scientists in the USDA Forest Service. There are more than 50,000 publications in Treesearch making it the largest freely available collection of online forestry research in the world.