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National Nursery and Seed Directory

The directory is your online source for finding businesses that support the propagation of forest and native plant materials in the US and Canada. You can search the directory by name, state, product, or business type.

To submit updates or additions to the directory, please contact us.

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Bona Terra
Borderlands Restoration
Bosch's Countryview Nursery
Bosky Dell Natives
Botanics Wholesale Inc
Bowman's Hill Wildflower Preserve
Bowood Farms Inc
Boxelder Creek Nurseries
Boyd & Boyd Nursery
Boynton Botanicals
Brandywine Conservancy
Brenda Sharp Native Ecotypes LLC
Brent & Becky's Bulbs
Brett Young
Briggs Nursery Inc
Brokaw Nursery
Broken Arrow Nursery
Brooks Tree Farm
Browning Seed Inc
Buchanan's Native Plants
Buckeye Nursery Inc
Bundy Canyon Turf Supply
Burgaw Creek Nursery & Turf Farm LLC
Burnt Ridge Nursery
Busse Gardens
CS&KT Forestry Tribal Nursery
CTUIR Tribal Native Plant Nursery
Cactus Joe's Blue Diamond Cactus Nursery