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CTUIR Tribal Native Plant Nursery


Our mission statement:

By providing an abundant supply of site-specific native plants for habitat and ecosystem restoration, the CTUIR Tribal Native Plant Nursery perpetuates sustainable harvests of culturally significant plants and associated fish and wildlife species of the First Food Order.

To fulfill this mission, our staff collects locally adapted seed and cuttings to provide the best opportunity for survival to our plants. We continually strive to improve our propagation techniques to enable our plants to grow healthy root systems, trained to seek water in austere conditions.

We draw hope and strength from the innate vigor and determination of our natives and find pleasure in sharing the joy of these special plants. We are always available to answer questions and give suggestions on planning the landscape and cultivating the plants. We freely share what we have learned and gladly help our customers develop resources for more information.

Physical Address:

73820 Hwy 331
Pendleton, OR 97801

Mailing Address:

46411 Ti'mine Way
Pendleton, OR 97801


Gail Redberg, Marie Crawford, or Steve Bushman
ph: (541) 278-8525, (541) 215-0981

Nursery Products and Services

Nursery type
  • Tribal American Indian/First Nation including Bureau of Indian Affairs
Business type
  • Contract legal agreement involved, including Custom Growing
  • Retail sell to ultimate consumer
  • Wholesale sell to others for resale
Stocktypes produced
  • Container
  • Cuttings
  • Seedlings for sale
    • Reforestation
      • Western Conifers Douglas-fir, ponderosa pine, western hemlock, western larch, western redcedar, redwood, etc.
    • Restoration / Conservation
      • Forbs
      • Grasses
      • Shrubs
      • Trees