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Intertribal Nursery Council

The Intertribal Nursery Council (INC) is a USDA Forest Service managed, tribally guided, organization for advancing the interests of native peoples involved with plant production in nurseries.

Key focal points of the organization include: technology transfer and sharing, conservation education, preservation of ecological knowledge, reforestation, restoration, and nursery training. Meetings are held annually and participation is open to tribal members and non-tribal members who work for or with tribal agencies.



Nursery Manual for Native Plants: A Guide for Tribal Nurseries, Volume 1: Nursery Management - Cover ImageTribal Nursery Manual


This handbook covers all aspects of managing a native plant nursery, from initial planning through crop production to establishing trials to improving nursery productivity into the future. It was written to assist Native Americans in growing native plants and draws extensively on tribal activities for the many photos and specific examples in the text. Click here to view or download the manual.


Tribal Nursery Needs Assessment Cover ImageTribal Nursery Needs Assessment


Using funding provided by USDA Forest Service State and Private Forestry, Native Americans associated with the Intertribal Nursery Council were asked to provide information about their native plant production needs. The information was compiled into this needs assessment which forms the basis for some new and ongoing Forest Service outreach projects to Native Americans. Click here to view the Assessment.


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