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Author Henry L. Hansen
Author Henry Land
Author Henry V. Amerson
Author Henry Vaux
Author Henry W. Ray
Author Heping Zhu
Author Herb Baer
Author Herbert A. Spitzer, Jr.
Author Herbert A.I. Madgwick
Author Herbert C. Lee
Author Heriel P. Msanga
Author Herman T. Oosterhuis
Author Herschel G. Abbott
Author Heyward T. Taylor
Author H. F. Kaiser
Author H. F. McKinney
Author H. G. Hertel
Author H. G. Jones
Author H. G. MacGillivray
Author H. G. McWilliams
Author H. G. Schabel
Author H. G. Simkover
Author H. H. Brohm
Author H. H. Gresham
Author H. H. Krause
Author H. H. Nagaty
Author H. H. Whisinant
Author Hilary Bauer
Author H. J. Duncan
Author H. J. Gladfelter
Author H. J. Johnson
Author H. J. Lutz
Author H. J. Price
Author H. L. Gholz
Author H. L. Ketchie
Author H.-M. Chang
Author H. M. (Mac) Lupold
Author H. M. Smith
Author H. M. Venter
Author H. N. Lyles
Author H. O. Jin
Author Hobart G. Woodrum
Author Hollis T. Routledge
Author Hollis W. Barber, Jr.
Author Homer S. Ward
Author Hongzhang Kang
Author Houchang Khatamian
Author Howard B. Kriebel
Author Howard G. Weatherly
Author Howard Horiuchi
Author Howard Johnson
Author Howard L. Hoffman
Author Howard L. Hyland
Author Howard Loewenstein
Author Howard M. Phipps
Author Howard R. Hartmann
Author Howard R. Scott
Author Howard S. Lovestead
Author Howard Stanley
Author Howard W. Duzan, Jr.
Author Howard W. Schneider
Author Hoy C. Garin
Author H. P. Ehlert
Author H. P. Patricio
Author H. P. Singh
Author H. R. Kok
Author H. R. Liebig
Author H. R. Saeidi
Author H. R. Wong
Author H. S. Gadalla
Author H. S. He
Author H. S. Perry
Author H. T. Le
Author Hua Li
Author Hubert Larson
Author Hubert Wellendorf
Author Hugh B. Wycoff
Author Hugh L. Hill
Author Hugh Steavenson
Author Hugo Aragon
Author Hui Tan
Author Huseyin Guler
Author H. W. Barnes
Author H. Y. Yan
Author Hyun Jung Cho
Author Hyun Kang
Author I. Arrillaga
Author I. Aubin
Author I. Baja
Author I. Kocacaliskan
Author I. Leal
Author I. Monteleone
Author I. Moreira
Author I. Moss
Author I. Porter
Author I. Tikvic
Author I. Wakamiya
Author I. A. Munck
Author Ian Gordon
Author Ian J. Dymock
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