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R Kasten "Kas" Dumroese

Kas DumroeseResearch Plant Physiologist

USDA Forest Service
Rocky Mountain Research Station
1221 South Main Street
Moscow, ID 83843
TEL: 208.883.2324
FAX: 208.883.2318
E-mail: kdumroese@fs.fed.us
About me: http://forest.moscowfsl.wsu.edu/people/gsde/kdumroese.html
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I received my BSc in Forestry Management, with a minor in forest soils, from Michigan Technological University in Houghton in 1984. From 1984 through 2001 I was associated with the University of Idaho. I received my MSc in Forest Resources (nursery emphasis) in 1986 and my PhD in 1996. I've spent my career working in and around nurseries. During my 17-year stint at the University of Idaho, I was fortunate to work in a production nursery that also had a research emphasis. That unique combination forced me to look at nursery production problems from the standpoint of both a researcher and a grower—and that's the way I am still looking at "unsolved opportunities" in the nursery.

I currently work as a plant physiologist for the USDA Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station in the  Grassland, Shrubland, and Desert Ecosystems program. My research focuses on improving propagation techniques for a variety of native plants, and applied nursery research to remove bottlenecks to production efficiency and plant quality. In 2000, I initiated the Native Plants Journal and continue to serve as the editor-in-chief (URL: http://www.nativeplantnetwork.org). NPJ is published three times each year and is an eclectic blend of refereed and technical articles. The Native Plant Network also hosts a searchable database of more than 2500 protocols for growing native plants.

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