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Publication Viveros con producción de planta de clima templado frío y tropical - Completo
Folder Workshops
Information about past and future tropical plant nursery workshops.
Publication Managing the Largest Tropical Forest in the United States with Urban Decision-Makers
Publication Chapter 15. Challenging a Paradigm: Toward Integrating Indigenous Species into Tropical Plantation Forestry
In this chapter, the current state of tropical forestry is described, as are global experiences with the use of exotic species and monocultures in plantation ...
Page Manual de Reforestación para América Tropical
Folder Links
Online resources of interest to the tropical plant reforestation and restoration communities.
Publication 1. Why Start a Tropical Nursery for Native and Traditional Plants?
Tropical ecosystems and agroecosystems are vital, life-giving landscapes and are home to diverse plants, animals, and people in a range of climatic, geologic, ...
Publication Cover and Frontmatter
The Tropical Tree Seed Manual is a one-volume reference manual for students, technicians, and scientists that provides comprehensive, internationally ...
Folder Establecimiento y Manejo de Vivero Para Pinos en la America Tropical
Folder Instructional Videos
Instructional videos of interest to the tropical plant reforestation and restoration communities.
Publication Operational Standards and Guidelines for Biodiversity Management in Tropical and Subtropical Forest Plantations--How Wisely Do They Cover an Ecological Framework?
Publication 2. Planning a Tropical Nursery
Every nursery is unique. Tropical nurseries operate in a vast range of environmental, social, and economic contexts. Each nursery has a unique design based ...
Publication Referencias Bibliográficas
Publication © Direct seeding of late-successional trees to restore tropical montane forest
Publication © Phylogenetic ecology applied to enrichment planting of tropical native tree species
Publication Glosario y Apéndices
Publication Capítulo 1 - Introducción
Publication The impact of climate change on the growth of tropical agroforestry tree seedlings
Publication Potential of the seedling community of a forest fragment for tropical forest restoration
Publication Capítulo 8 - Técnicas de Plantación
Publication Capítulo 7 - Administración de Viveros
Assisted Migration Publication Mitigation needs adaptation: Tropical forestry and climate change
Publication A Technical Guide for Forest Nursery Management in the Caribbean and Latin America
Comprehensive summary of forest nursery practices for the Caribbean, tropical Latin America, and, to a lesser degree, other tropical areas in the world.
Publication © Optimizing nursery and plantation methods to grow Cedrela odorata seedlings in tropical dry agroecosystems
Publication © Elevated night-time temperature increase growth in seedlings of two tropical pioneer tree species
Publication Evaluation of Seedling Quality and Planting Tools for Successful Establishment of Tropical Hardwoods©
The objectives of this study were to evaluate the effect of planting tools and stocktypes on survival and early growth of valuable hardwoods in enrichment ...
Publication © Planting seedlings in tree islands versus plantations as a large-scale tropical forest restoration strategy
Publication Capítulo 6 - Las Especies para la Reforestación
Publication Capítulo 5 - La Naturaleza de la Reforestación
Publication Capítulo 3 - El Ambiente Físico para laReforestación
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