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16. Scleroderris Canker
Michael E. Ostry and Jennifer Juzwik
17. Administration, Accounting, and Records
Forest tree nurseries are highly individual in charecter and the details of nursery management must be developed to fit the conditions peculiar to each ...
Dr. Jack T. May
17. Outplanting
Survival and growth after outplanting are the ultimate tests of nursery plant quality. After the nursery plants are established in the field, they will ...
Diane L. Haase, R. Kasten Dumroese and Thomas D. Landis
17. Sirococcus Shoot Blight
Glen R. Stanosz
18. General Information
Forest Tree Nursery Practice: Selected Reading, Other publications of interest to forest tree nursery managers, useful conversion tables: ...
Dr. Jack T. May
18. Snow Molds of Conifers
Jill D. Pokorny
18. Working With People
The ability to produce healthy, vibrant plants is an art, a science, and a learned skill. Success, however, depends not only on your ability to produce ...
Kim M. Wilkinson
19. Nursery Management
Thomas D. Landis and Kim M. Wilkinson
19. White Pine Blister Rust
Lee E. Riley and Judith F. Danielson
1957 Report of Forest and Windbarrier Planting Summary
1959 Report of Forest and Windbarrier Planting
1960 Annual Planting Report
1960 Forest Tree Nurseries in the United States
1961 Annual Planting Report
1961 Forest Tree Nurseries
The 1964 Nursery Questionnaire
Most of the nurserymen at this meeting responded to this 1964 questionnaire on nursery practice. The first in 1954 was initiated by Herschel Abbott. The 1964 ...
Everett J. Eliason
The 1965 Nursery Soil Improvement Conference
There are probably very few single simple answers to questions of adequate soil organic and fertility level maintenance. Apart from differences in climate ...
Earl Stone
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1976 Nursery Program at the Missoula Equiptment Center
In recent years the Missoula Equipment Development Center, USDA, Forest Service, Missoula, Montana, has become more involved in trying to solve some of the ...
Benjamin J. Lowman and R. Hallman
1982 Southern Nursery Conferences - Complete Proceedings
1993 Missoula Technology and Development Center Nursery and Reforestation Projects
The Missoula Technology and Development Center has provided improved equipment, techniques, and materials for Forest Service Nurseries and for Reforestation ...
Richard J. Karsky
1993 Spring Forest Nursery Notes
Nursery Meetings National Nursery Issues Methyl Bromide Fumigants and An Update New National and International Emphasis on Reforestation Ecological ...
1993 Summer Forest Nursery Notes
Nursery Meetings National Nursery Issues National Nursery Directory Methyl Bromide Fumigants Legal Labeling of Growing Media . Ecological Alternatives ...
1993 Winter Forest Nursery Notes
Nursery Meetings National Nursery Issues A Cause for Optimism Pine Shoot Beetle Quarantine Methyl Bromide Update Ecological Alternatives . Organic root ...
Thomas D. Landis
1994 Summer Forest Nursery Notes
Reminder about change to semiannual issues Nursery Meetings National Nursery Issues Plant Quarantines Worker Protection Standard Update Global Issues ...
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