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44. Field and Short-Tailed Crickets
Coleman Doggett
45. Fungus Gnats
Art Antonelli
46. Lesser Cornstalk Borer
Albert E. Mayfield, III and Wayne N. Dixon
47. Mole Crickets
Coleman Doggett
48. Plant Bugs
David B. South
49. Seed and Cone Insects
Alex C. Mangini
© The "4R" nutrient stewardship framework for horticulture
5. Eastern and Western Gall Rusts
Michael E. Ostry and Jennifer Juzwik
5. Field Planting Considerations
Microsites are spots on your planting area where conditions favor seedling survival and growth. Good microsites include the north and east sides of downed ...
David Wenny, R. Kasten Dumroese and Thomas Landis
5. Micorrización
5. Propagation Environments
Many environmental factors influence growth and production of nursery plants. The primary processes affected by environmental factors are photosynthesis and ...
Diane L. Haase, Douglass F. Jacobs, Tara Luna and Thomas D. Landis
5. Shipping
Perishable seedlings and delivery of seedlings.
Clark W. Lantz
50 Years of Hybrid Poplar Research in the Northeast
POPLAR CULTURE was initiated in the Northeast in 1925 by Drs. A. B. Stout and E. J. Schreiner. An intensive hybridization and breeding program was undertaken ...
Maurice E. Demeritt
A 50-Year Racial Study of Douglas-Fir In Western Oregon And Washington
On the assumption that exact racial adaptation within each locality should have occurred in Douglas-fir west of the Cascades, the question was asked, "Do ...
Roy R. Silen
50. Mites
Alex C. Mangini
51. Weevils
Art Antonelli
52. White Grubs
Albert E. Mayfield, III
53. Animal Damage
David B. South
54. Environmental and Mechanical Damage
Michelle M. Cram
55. Pesticide Injury
David B. South
56. Salinity Damage
Katy M. Mallams and Thomas D. Landis
6. Fertilización
6. Fusiform Rust
Scott A. Enebak and Tom Starkey
6. Growing Media
A growing medium can be defined as a substance through which plant roots grow and extract water and nutrients. Selecting a good growing medium is ...
Thomas D. Landis, Douglass F. Jacobs, Kim M. Wilkinson and Tara Luna
6. Keeping Records
Collecting seeds and growing seedlings can be a rewarding hobby. Keep detailed notes from year to year on all aspects of your hobby—when cones were ...
David Wenny, R. Kasten Dumroese and Thomas Landis
6. Planting
Seedling Care at the Planting Site Frozen Seedlings Hand Planting Machine planting, container seedlings, planting conditions, and evaluation of the ...
Clark W. Lantz
7. Appendices
David Wenny, R. Kasten Dumroese and Thomas Landis
7. Containers
A nursery container could be anything that holds growing media, drains, allows for healthy root development, does not disintegrate before outplanting, and ...
Thomas D. Landis, Tara Luna and R. Kasten Dumroese
7. Larch Needle Cast
Katy M. Mallams
7. Riego
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