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A 3-Year Study of American Ginseng
Although many people believe American ginseng is an endangered plant species, it is generally on the increase in Kentucky.
C. R. Roberts, David Hensley and Jo Richardson
3. Caracterización de las Plantas
3. Defining the Target Plant
People planting native and traditional species in the tropics have diverse goals and face a multitude of challenges on their outplanting sites. Understanding ...
Thomas D. Landis and Kim M. Wilkinson
3. Diplodia Shoot Blight, Canker, and Collar Rot
Glen R. Stanosz
3. It Starts With Seeds
You may either collect seeds or buy them from a seed dealer. Naturally, there are advantages and disadvantages to both.
David Wenny, R. Kasten Dumroese and Thomas Landis
3. Nursery Operations
Conditioning, Lifting, Packing, and Root Coatings
Clark W. Lantz
A 30-Year Record of Tree Growth in Strip Mine Plantings
Knowledge of differential species survival and growth can be used in predicting forest successional trends and guide implementation of management practices.
Clay A. Kolar and William Clark Ashby
30. Cottonwood Leaf Beetle
Forrest L. Oliveria and James D. Solomon
31. Charcoal and Black Root Rots
Edward L. Barnard
31st Southern Forest Tree Improvement Conference (2011)
32. Cylindrocladium Diseases
Edward L. Barnard and Jennifer Juzwik
32nd Southern Forest Tree Improvement Conference - Complete
33. Damping-Off
Robert L. James
34. Fusarium Root and Stem Diseases
Robert L. James
35. Gray Mold
Diane L. Haase and Michael Taylor
36. Nematodes
Stephen W. Fraedrich and Michelle M. Cram
37. Phytophthora Root Rot
Michelle M. Cram and Everett M. Hansen
38. Pythium Root Rot
Jerry E. Weiland
39. Seed Fungi
Stephen W. Fraedrich and Michelle M. Cram
4. Crop Planning: Propagation Protocols, Schedules, and Records
A successful nursery provides healthy, high-quality plant materials ready to plant when clients need them. For areas with a pronounced dry season, clients ...
Kim M. Wilkinson and Douglass F. Jacobs
4. Dothistroma Needle Blight
Glen R. Stanosz
4. Growing Seedlings
There are two ways to grow your seedlings—in the ground or in containers. Naturally, there are advantages and disadvantages to both. In general, seedlings ...
David Wenny, R. Kasten Dumroese and Thomas Landis
4. Producción de Plantas a Raíz Cubierta
4. Storage
Storage facilities, bale storage, and other considerations in nursery storage.
Clark W. Lantz
40. Sudden Oak Death
Gary Chastagner, Marianne Elliott and Kathleen McKeever
41. Yellows or Chlorosis
Tom Starkey
42. Aphids
Art Antonelli
43. Cutworms
Michael E. Ostry and Jennifer Juzwik
44. Field and Short-Tailed Crickets
Coleman Doggett
45. Fungus Gnats
Art Antonelli
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