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Xylem Morphology and Discoloration in Bigtooth Aspen (Populus grandidentata)
Richard A. Wittberg and Robert T. Eckert
© Xylem water potentials of native shrubs from northeastern Mexico
Floyd W. Pond, Jane E. Rodgers and Robert R. Alexander
Year-to-Year Variation in Sap-Sugar Concentration of Sugar Maple Progenies and It's Potential Effects on Genetic Selection for High Sap Sugar
Ronald C. Wilkinson
© Yellow nutsedge (Cyperus esculentus) con­trol with methyl iodide in combination with totally impermeable film
© Yellow nutsedge (Cyperus esculentus) growth and tuber production in response to increasing glyphosate rates and selected adjuvants
Yellow-Poplar and Black Cherry Grow Well After Underplanting and Release
John K. Francis and Donald L. Bivens
Yellow-Popular Height Growth Affected by Seed Source
According to observations at the Santee Experimental Forest, near Charleston, South Carolina, seed source has a striking influence on early height growth of ...
Thomas Lotti
Yellows or Chlorosis
Samuel J. Rowan
You should be doing greenhouse soil tests.
You Want Us to Do What!? Diversifying Plant Products at the J. Herbert
It seems like only yesterday when a few of us were talking in the hallways after a coffee break about what we might do with our nursery fields when the demand ...
David Steinfeld
Yucca schidigera Roezl ex Ortiges (Asparagaceae)
Dante Arturo Rodríguez-Trejo and Laura Ramírez-Castell
William Gary Johnson
Zanthoxylum flavum Vahl
John K. Francis
Zanthoxylum kellermanii P. Wilson
Zanthoxylum mayanum Standl., Z. panamense P. Wilson Acabu, alcabu, arcabu, lagartillo, lagarto, prickly holly, rabo de lagarto, tachuelillo
L. A. Fournier
Zanthoxylum martinicense (Lam.) DC.
John K. Francis
Zinc Rodent Repellents also Improve Root Growth of Douglas-Fir Seedlings, But Higher Levels Cause Mortality
The impact of wildlife damage on forest plantations in the Pacific Northwest has stimulated great interest and research in control methods. At present, ...
Harry W. Anderson
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