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What Have You Nurserymen Got to Lose?
In this era of rapidly changing scientific know-how, it's rare to hear a nurseryman say: "All you've got to do is throw the seeds down, water em and they'll, ...
Earl W. Belcher, Jr.
What Is a Soil Management Plan, and Why Would You Want One?
Next to water, soil is the most important resource of a bareroot nursery, and must be properly managed if the nursery is to be successful. Soil quality is not ...
What Is a Soil Management Plan, and Why Would You Want One?—Part II
The third and final part of this series will appear in the January, 1996, issue of FNN, and will show how to assess the production potential of your nursery ...
What Is a Soil Management Plan, and Why Would You Want One?—Part III
We'll wrap up the subject by showing how to assess the production potential of your nursery soil and implement the Soil Management Plan.
What Is Chlorophyll Fluorescence and How Do You Interpret the Numbers?
Gary Ritchie
What is Hardening Off and the Use of Nitrogen
What is hardening off?" A precise definition of the term "hardening off" is very elusive, a great deal depending upon the users need for a term to describe the ...
Homer S. Ward
What is Mycorrhiza and What Does it do?
Mycorrhiza is the association of the mycelium of various fungi and the roots of seed plants. Mycorrhiza can form in many shapes and colors. Formations ...
Karl B. Lanquist
What is the Hardwood Quality Nursery Cooperative Doing?
Regenerating cut-over, abandoned, strip-mined, and federal government sponsored Conservation Reserve lands has increased the demand for bare-root hardwood ...
Janette R. Thompson and Richard C. Schultz
What is the Latest in Cone and Seed Handling Equipment and Techniques
William J. Isaacs
What kind of insulation can be used on greenhouses?
What the Forest Owner is Looking For in a Hardwood Seedling
W. Pat Weber
What the Forest Owner is Looking For in a Plantable Seedling
Claude H. O'Gwynn
What the Future Holds for Tree Planter's Notes: Getting TPN Back on Schedule
Rebecca G. Nisley
What the Next Decade Holds for U.S. Tree Nurseries: A Prognosis
Changes in the U. S, Forest tree nursery industry are predicted for the period 1982-92, based on trends and speculation. Economic, biological, ...
Stephen E. McDonald
What the Planter Expects in the Way of Seedling Quality
Thank you for the invitation to be on this program. It gives me an opportunity to publicly express my appreciation to tree nurserymen. Through their production ...
V. B. MacNaughton
What the Tree Improver Can Do for the Paper Maker
R. C. Crain
What the User Needs in Tree Characteristics
User needs begin at the tree nursery when the trees are loaded for transport.
Ralph C. Hewett
What the User Needs in Tree Characteristics
Planting is one of the most important aspects of our profession.
Mark Mittelstadt
What We Know About Air Layering
R. W. Johanson
What We Know About Grafting
Nov C. Grigsby and Nov C. Grigsby
What You Need to Know About P. Ramorum
A plant physiologist and a plant pathologist at Purdue University explain how growers can minimize or stop the spread of sudden oak death (SOD) in their ...
J. Beckerman and M. Mickelbart
What You Need to Know About Viruses©
Viruses are a cellular infectious agents made up of a nucleic acid core and surround-ed by a protein coat. Viruses are inert or inactive when not inside a host ...
M. Yoshimura
What's in your Douglas-fir Bark?
M. Gabriela Buamscha and James E. Altland
What's in Your Douglas-Fir Bark?
James E. Altland and M. Gabriela Buamscha
What's in your fertilizer toolbox?
What's in your water: biological water quality
What's in your water: physical water quality and filtration
What's in your water: sanitizing agent concentration and demand
What's in your water?
What's New At The Eastern State Nurseries
R. A. Jordan
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