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West Virginia Tree Improvement Program
James H. Parsons
Western flower thrips: arm yourself with knowledge before battling this pest
Western Forest and Conserevation Nursery Association July 26–29, 2004; Medford, OR
The Western Forest Tree Seed Council
The Western Forest Tree Seed Council is a member council of the Western Reforestation Coordinating Committee of the Western Forestry and Conservation ...
D. George W. Edwards
Western Gall Rust
Minor Diseases, Chapter 19
Sally J. Campbell
The Western Gulf Forest Tree Improvement Program - History and Accomplishments
The Western Gulf Forest Tree Improvement Program was formed in 1969 with 13 charter members.
J. P. van Buijtenen and William J. Lowe
The Western Gulf Forest Tree Improvement Program, History and Organization
J. P. van Buijtenen
The Western Gulf Forest Tree Improvement Program, History and Organization
J. P. van Buijtenen
Western Larch Cones and Seeds--Current Intermountain Research Station Studies
In 1985, two studies involving western larch cone and seed production were begun. The first determines the influence of spacing on seed cone production of 30- ...
Raymond C. Shearer
Western Larch Seed-Contaminating Fungi and Treatments to Reduce Infection and Improve Germination
USDA Forest Service
Western Nursery Herbicide Study - 1979 Update
Summarizes the progress to date and the work remaining in the westwide nursery herbicide study. Two previously used herbicides (DCPA and diphenamid) and two ...
Russell A. Ryker
Western Nursery Situation
Stephen E. McDonald
The Western Red Lily Centennial Project
L. May
Western White Pine Seedling Mortality USDA Forest Service Nursery, Coeur D'Alene, Idaho
USDA Forest Service
Westvaco Cone Kiln
To fill a definite need for a low-cost cone kiln to cure small lots of cones, the Westvaco Experimental Forest designed and constructed a kiln that has a ...
L. T. Easley
Wetland Restoration of the Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area: Success and Failures
The 3,700 acre Yolo Bypass Wildlife project is the largest wetland restoration project underway in the West Coast. The project is unique in that it combines ...
Rick Storre
Wetting Agent in the Planting Hole Reduced the Effect of Seasonal Drought on Douglas-Fir Container Stock
B. G. Dunsworth
Weyerhaeuser Douglas Fir Breeding Program
C. Dean and C. Dean
Weyerhaeuser in Arkansas
Weyerhaeuser Company has undergone many transitions since it was founded in 1900. Changes have occurred in the timberlands and wood products divisions as well ...
John Hearnsberger
Weyerhaeuser Seed Catalog
It is difficult to maintain accurate inventory records, let alone trying to keep them current. The problem becomes more confounded with seed when source, ...
R. P. Plyler
Weyerhaeuser Tree Seedling Harvester Systems
Weyerhaeuser Company has several large nurseries in Northwest and Southern United States. Increasing labor costs at these nurseries has forced the ...
E. W. Arnold
What are my options for propagation fog?
What are my options for recycling used green­house film?
© What are the best seed sources for ecosystem restoration on BLM and USFS lands?
What Are the Consequences of Reduced Effort in Tree Improvement?
Fikret Isik, J. B. Jett, Josh Steiger, Patrick Cumbie, Ross Whetten, Saul Garcia, Steve McKeand and Tori Batista-Brooks
What Are The Economic Implications Of Using Off-Source Seed?
George R. Staebler
What Do We Do to Improve Wood Properties in a Breeding Program?
Bailian Li, Fikret Isik and Barry Goldfarb
What does Industry Need that Tree Improvement Can Provide?
R. B. Valley
What does Industry Need that Tree Improvement Can Provide?
R. B. Valley
What Does It Cost to Grow Seedlings in Containers?
More containerized tree seedlings are being planted in the South. The Forest Service has found they are no more costly to grow in some circumstances than ...
Richard W. Guldin
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