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What's New In Nursery Insect Control?
Loyd Drake, Tom Flavell and Lawerence P. Abrahamson
What's wrong with my plant?
What's your leaching fraction? A simple test can reduce irrigation inefficiencies.
What's Your Survival?
What is the survival of last season's planting? This pertinent question is often foremost in the minds of foresters and others engaged in large-scale tree ...
S. J. Ursic
What’s New with Nurseries and Reforestation Projects at the Missoula Technology and Development Center?
The USDA Forest Service Missoula Technology and Development Center (MTDC) offers technical expertise, technology transfer, and new equipment development to ...
Bob Simonson
What’s With All The Lygus?
Tarnished plant bugs, commonly called by their generic name Lygus, are widespread pests to many agricultural crops. It has only been in the past 20 years that ...
Wheelie Green: The Development of a Mobile Unit to Produce Rooted Cuttings of Eucalptus Tree Species
H. M. Venter
When mites make right
When Smokey Says “No”: Fire-less Methods for Growing Plants Adapted to Cultural Fire Regimes
Two culturally-significant plants (sweetgrass [Anthoxanthum nitens] and beargrass [Xerophyllum tenax]) are used as case studies for investigating methods of ...
Daniela Shebitz and Justine E. James, Jr.
When The Spring Breezes Blow Or When Mother Nature Loses Her Cool
Walter L. Chapman
When to Measure Seedling Quality in Bareroot Nurseries
Quality of bareroot conifer nursery stock is measured (1) during the growing phase, (2) before lifting, and (3) before outplanting. The appropriate tests to ...
David G. Simpson
Where Are We Headed, and What Should We Be Planning For?
I want to thank you for the opportunity to be with you this morning. As nurserymen, you play a crucial role in the reforestation process, which is essential ...
John P. McMahon
Where conservation meets innovation.
Where Do We Go From Here?
(NIPF) lands account for half of the timber harvested in the United States. In the South, which I know best, it has been reported that forest removals have ...
George A. Hernandez
Which Grow Better Under the Canopy of Norway Spruce -- Planted or Sown Seedlings of European Beech?
C. Ammer and R. Mosandl
Which To Plant--Loblolly Or Slash Pine?
In volume and height through age 15, slash has grown at least as well as loblolly pine on level or nearly level sites with imperfectly or less well drained ...
Eugene Shoulders
While They Were Asleep: Do Seeds After-Ripen While in Cold Storage? Experiences With Calendula
M. P. Widriechner
Whiskey and Trees: Seed Orchards at the Jack Daniel Distillery
Stacy L. Clark and Scott E. Schlarbaum
White Grubs
Peter A. Rush and William H. Hoffard
White Grubs and their Control in Forest Tree Nurseries
The damage caused by grubs is of three main types (a) killing of 1-0 stock by cutting the primary root, (b) killing of 2-0 or older stock by stripping the bark ...
H. G. Simkover and Roy D. Shenefelt
White grubs and white spruce establishment
On occasion, white grubs cause conspicuous damage in forest nurseries and young plantations (4). Much additional injury to trees in plantations and naturally ...
Earl L. Stone, Jr. and Roy F. Sutton
White oak and northern red oak leaf injury from exposure to chloroacetanilide herbicides
White Pine Blister Rust
Robert F. Patton and Charles E. Cordell
White Pine Cone Beetle Population Trends in North Carolina and Tennessee Seed Orchards 1986-1987
D. T. Barrett, Gary L. DeBarr and Larry R. Barber
White Pine Cone Beetle Population Trends in North Carolina and Tennessee Seed Orchards 1986-1987
D. T. Barrett, Gary L. DeBarr and Larry R. Barber
White Pine Pollen Species and Year Do Not Affect Conelet Drop or Cone Size in Pinus strobus
Howard B. Kriebel
A White Pine Seed Orchard Layout
In spring 1961, the State of New York Conservation Department and the College of Forestry at Syracuse University established the first white pine (Pinus ...
Clyde M. Hunt
White Pine Survival and Growth Similar, Regardless of Planting Depths and Methods, in Ontario Tests
This report indicates a uniformity of survival and height growth for eastern white pine (Pinus strobus L.), 10 years after hand planting of forest tree ...
R. E. Mullin
The White Pine Weevil in Ontario: Recent and Current Studies Related to the Improvement of White Pine Quality
C. R. Sullivan
White Pines From the Southern Appalachians
Eyvind Thor
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