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Water-Soluble Extracts from Leaves of Shining Sumac Inhibit Germination and Radicle Growth of Loblolly Pine
Michael L. Smith
Water: what is on the horizon and knowing what to grow
The Watershed Revegetation Program: Lesson Learned From Large Scale Native Plant Propagation
Toby Query
© Ways to increase energy efficiency in nurseries
We Need Better Seed Collecting Equipment
The postwar expansion of tree-planting has focused attention on the problem of seed procurement. Lack of seed in adequate volume has been a limiting factor in ...
Keith W. Dorman
We Need Better Seed Collecting Equipment
Keith W. Dorman
Weather or Not
Nurseries rely on forecasting firms to help protect crops from meteorological events.
Tracy Ilene Miller
Weed and Grass Control in Forest Nurseries as Related to the Soil and Environment
Carroll E. Walls
Weed and pest control in nursery production and their impact on plant quality
Different biological and chemical methods for control have been developed in the past to achieve the production of good quality plants to meet the demands of ...
H. Losing
Weed Control
Weed control has undoubtedly been the most costly project in tree nurseries in past years.
James W. Augenstein
Weed Control
Apparently, we do not have the weeds or the grass that give other nurserymen so much trouble. We have experimented with most chemicals sold locally, such as ...
Paul M. Adams
Weed Control
Pennsylvania at Greenwood, uses a 27% aromatic hydrocarbon mineral spirits on all conifers and larch. Black alder and yellow poplar beds are planted after ...
Newall Crownover
Weed Control by Herbicides Promotes Growth of Cottonwood Cuttings
Production of cottonwood at close spacing (40" x 12") fails on Brazos Bottom agricultural soils because of severe competition from broadleafed weeds and ...
Ronald A. Woessner
Weed Control for Better Black Walnut on Strip Mines
Weed control substantially improved establishment and early growth of seeded black walnut on fescue-covered spoil banks. The use of herbicides was more ...
Clay A. Kolar, Gary R. Philo, James A. Spaniol and William Clark Ashby
Weed Control in Christmas Trees with Flumioxazin and Other Residual Herbicides Applied Alone or in Tank Mixtures
Robert J. Richardson and Bernard H. Zandstra
Weed Control in Conifer Nurseries
The continuous rising wage scale at the closeof world war II soon made weed control the most costly project in raising nursesry stock.
James W. Augenstein
Weed Control In Pine Nurseries
M. G. Merkle
Weed Control in Southern Hardwood Nurseries
Abstract--In the South, most nursery managers have relied on methyl bromide for weed control in hardwood seedbeds. When methyl bromide is no longer available, ...
David B. South
© Weed control using an enclosed thermal heat­ing apparatus
Weed Control: Alternatives to Herbicides
In 1984 Federal use of herbicides was banned in Oregon and Washington. The purpose of this presentation is to outline the impact and response to the loss of ...
Edward Olson
Weed Identification 101: Knowing Nursery Weeds by Their Names is Key to Control
I received most of my weed science education from Auburn Universityin Alabama, where the spectrum of weed species is very different from that in Oregon. Upon ...
J. Altland
Weed Management at ArborGen, South Carolina SuperTree Nursery
Weed management is vital to producing healthy hardwood seedlings. Several methods are available to each nursery, and it is common knowledge that what works for ...
Mike Arnette
Weed management in forest nurseries in Quebec: Problems and possible solutions
Pesticide management is currently undergoing a period of instability: the federal pesticide registration process is being revised, while a provincial pesticide ...
Roger Touchette
Weed Management in Southern Bareroot Hardwood Nurseries
David B. South
Weed Management in Southern Bareroot Hardwood Nurseries
Nursery managers in the Southern United States rely on chemical and nonchemical methods of weed control. Chemical treatments include fumigation with methyl ...
David B. South
Weed Management Incorporated
Don Stringfield
Weed Management Incorporated
Successful weed management must be an incorporation of techniques and ideas.
Don Stringfield
Weed Prevention in Forest Nurseries
The nurseryman's primary objective is to produce first-class plantingstock as economically as possible. At many nurseries, however, weeds are a major obstacle ...
David South
Weed Research: Is it Delivering What is Should?
S. R. Moss
Weed response to flame weeding at different developmental stages
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