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Wood Density and Percent Summerwood Variation Among Nine Loblolly Pine Seed Sources Grown in Alabama
Joseph R. Saucier and M. A. Taras
Wood Density Assessment of Diverse Families of Loblolly Pine Using X-Ray Densitometry
J. B. Jett, P. Belonger and Steven E. McKeand
Wood Formation in Loblolly Pine: Characterizing Gene Function in Xylem Morphogenesis
Campbell J. Nairn
Wood Property Variation in Populus
Dean W. Einspahr, Miles K. Benson and John R. Peckham
Wood Quality Considerations in Tree Improvement Activities
H. E. Whalgren
Wood Quality of Southern Pine Hybrids with Reference to Their Slash and Loblolly Parents
C. L. Huang, Dudley A. Huber, G. Powell, Gary F. Peter and X. B. Li
Wood Quality Under Intensive Forest Management
Alexander Clark, III and Richard F. Daniels
Wood shrub propagation: A comprehensive approach
The demand for increased biodiversity of species in forest revegetation projects has resulted in a renewed interest in native, woody shrub propagation. This ...
Terry L. Finnerty and Kathy M. Hutton
Wood Treated with Penta Can Damage Pine Nursery Seedlings
Wood treated with pentachlorophenol should be used with caution in pine seedling nurseries. During 1958 many freshly germinated pine seedlings died in ...
Edwin R. Ferguson
Woody biomass for the production of advanced biofuels and bio-based chemicals
Tim Eggeman
Woody Plant Seed Manual - Complete
Franklin T. Bonner and Robert P. Karrfalt
Woody Plant Selection for Riparian Agroforestry Projects
Riparian buffer strips primarily function to protect and enhance water resources while maintaining a reservoir of plant and animal diversity. In agroforestry ...
Michele M. Schoeneberger
© Woody shrub production with alternative substrates: aged vs fresh
Work Of The University Of Minnesota At The Cloquet Experimental Forest
T. Schantz-Hansen
Work Study Techniques to Tree Planting
In recent years, Tree Planters' Notes and other forestry publications have published information on new reforestation systems, most of which embraced the ...
Alan H. Vyse
Worker Protection Standard Update
As reported in the January, 1993 issue of FNN, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) revised the Worker Protection Standard (WPS) for Agricultural ...
Working Group Sessions on Communications and the Government/Private Nursery Issue
Facilitated working group sessions were held to develop lists of actions to improve communication and cooperation among nurseries in the Great Plains, and ...
Kurtis L. Atkinson
Worldwide Distribution of Vegetative Compatibility Groups
Sandra Anagnostakis
Wow! The Hormones have Kicked In
B. Rowe
X-Ray Good For Routine Tests of Seed Viability
Forest tree seed has been analyzed by X-ray for a long time, mainly for research (9). Now the greater availability of X-ray facilities and increased demand ...
Frank J. Baron
Xylem Cavitation: An Indication of Moisture Stress in Newly Planted Western Hemlock Seedling
Xylem cavitation occurs when water potentials reach a level great enough to introduce air into the water conducting system. Cavitation events in western ...
Kathleen L. Kavanagh
Xylem Morphology and Discoloration in Bigtooth Aspen (Populus grandidentata)
Richard A. Wittberg and Robert T. Eckert
© Xylem water potentials of native shrubs from northeastern Mexico
Floyd W. Pond, Jane E. Rodgers and Robert R. Alexander
Year-to-Year Variation in Sap-Sugar Concentration of Sugar Maple Progenies and It's Potential Effects on Genetic Selection for High Sap Sugar
Ronald C. Wilkinson
© Yellow nutsedge (Cyperus esculentus) con­trol with methyl iodide in combination with totally impermeable film
© Yellow nutsedge (Cyperus esculentus) growth and tuber production in response to increasing glyphosate rates and selected adjuvants
Yellow-Poplar and Black Cherry Grow Well After Underplanting and Release
John K. Francis and Donald L. Bivens
Yellow-Popular Height Growth Affected by Seed Source
According to observations at the Santee Experimental Forest, near Charleston, South Carolina, seed source has a striking influence on early height growth of ...
Thomas Lotti
Yellows or Chlorosis
Samuel J. Rowan
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