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© Wild things: propagating lesser-known California natives
Wildland Tree Planter Does King-Size Job
A mechanical tree planter which will plant stock of various sizes under the most adverse conditions is illustrated and described in this article. This ...
Norbert Noecker
Wildlife Considerations When Planning Plant Projects
Foraging wildlife can frustrate efforts to develop forest sites, exploit plantings of natural vegetation, or even disrupt attempts to establish wildlife ...
Dale Nolte
Wildlife Value of Castanea dentata Past and Present, the Historical Decline of the Chestnut and its Future Use in Restoration of Natural Areas
James M. Hill
Will Advanced Loblolly Pine Genetics Deliver Added Value to Landowners in the Southeastern United States?
ArborGen Inc, Ridgeville, SC
W. Patrick Cumbie, Rafael De La Torre, Michael Cunningham and John Pait
Will Some Plants Get "Green Cards?: Current Thoughts on Invasive Species
R. E. Schutzki
Will Super Deep Freeze Damage Tree Seed?
Oklahoma's Clark-McNary nurseries store their more valuable tree seeds with a commercial cold storage firm. Good seed has been stored for more than 10 years ...
Albert Engstrom
Will We Run Out Of Wood in the South
Clark Lantz
The Willamette Valley Seed Increase Program: Developing Genetically Diverse Germplasm Using an Ecoregion Approach
Amy Young, Kimiora Ward, Melanie Gisler and Rob Fiegener
Willow Clones Differ in Susceptibility to Cottonwood Leaf Beetle
Amount of defoliation by the cottonwood leaf beetle one-year-old trees from 37 clones of black willow ranged from 21 to 95 percent. Male clones of black willow ...
W. K. Randall
Wilt/decline of Acacia koa caused by Fusarium oxysporum in Hawaii
USDA Forest Service
Wind could be an economical source of renew­able energy
Wind damage to a yellow-popular seed orchard
On June 28, 1974, a local wind of cyclone force hit a yellow-poplar seed stimulation study leaving the area a confusion of broken, uprooted and leaning trees.
Franklin Cech, James Brown and David Weingartner
Wind Effect on Windbreak Establishment in Northern Australia
D. Sun and G. R. Dickinson
Windbreak Benefit to Potato Yield in Tropical North Australia
D. Sun and G. R. Dickinson
Windbreaks in the People's Republic of China
David F. Van Haverbeke
Winning the fight against leaf blight
Winter "Purpling" In Pine Seedlings
Most nursery workers are familiar with the rather dramatic change in foliar color that occurs in some pine seedlings. Over the years, I have received several ...
Winter Foliage Color of Scotch Pine
Henry I. Baldwin
Winter Hardiness Assessment in Seedlings of Pure and Hybrid Pitch Pine
George P. Buchert
Winter Injury by Ice and Snow to Red Pine Nursery Stock
During the spring of 1966, severe mortality occurred in several nurseries in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. Beds of many red pine seedlings were almost ...
Darroll D. Skilling and Stuart H. Slayton
Winter Metabolism in Deciduous Trees: Mechanisms, Genes, and Associated Proteins
Alfonso A. Gardea, J. Antonio Orozco, Joy Winzerling, Luz Vázquez Moreno and Mónica L. García Bañuelos
Winter Planting Potential Of Four Eucalypt Species In South Florida
Almost 100 percent of eucalyptus seedlings survived when planted in December, during southwest Florida's driest winter. Eight-six percent of E. ...
Thomas F. Geary
Winter Sowing for Production of 1.0 Douglas-fir Planting Stock
Effects of early sowing on emergence and growth of Douglas-fir were examined in the Humboldt Nursery on California's north coast. In a 1979 study, seeds from ...
James L. Jenkinson and James A. Nelson
Winter Storage Of Shrubs For Timely Spring Shipping
Only healthy plants should be placed in cold storage because quality of the stored material does not improve. Each species should be checked during and after ...
Cluster R. Belcher and Fred B. Gaffney
© Winter variation in physiological status of cold stored and freshly lifted semi-evergreen Quercus nigra seedlings
Wire Girdles Increase Male Flower Production on Young Loblolly Pine Grafts
Gordon White and J. A. Wright
Wire-Bound Crate
The packing method used by the Morgan Nursery consists of a wire-bound wrap-around crate 11. Dimensions of this crate are 22 inches long, 16 inches wide, 10 ...
Mack Neal
Wire-Rolling Machine Saves Man Hours
The Delaware Department of Agriculture's new (1970) 12-acre nursery contains 3 acres of seedlings, divided into 52 beds at 4' wide and 420' long. Straw is ...
John M. Schalm and Michael von Reider
Wireless Network of Electronic Scales To Monitor the Substrate Volumetric Water Content for Managing Irrigation of Containerized Seedlings Produced in Forest Nurseries
An automated monitoring system of substrate volumetric water content (VWC) based on gravimetry has been developed to measure several seedling containers at a ...
Daniel Girard and Jean Gagnon
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