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© Warm temperature accelerates short photoperiod-induced growth cessation and dormancy induction in hybrid poplar (Populus x spp.)
The Washington Scene
P. E. Hoekstra
Waste no water
A Water Activity-Regulated Dryer: How To Dry Seeds or Pollen With Water and No Heat
The hydrous status of seeds and pollen can now be characterized more precisely than moisture content through the measurement of water activity (aw). This new ...
Patrick Baldet and Fabienne Colas
Water Analysis Equipment
J. Dinwoodie
Water application rate and frequency affect seedling survival and growth of Vangueria infausta and Persea americana
Water as the important source of Phytophthora species in horticulture and natural environment
Water Content and Cost of Stratified Seed Related
Much of the weight of stratified seed consists of water absorbed during stratification. The Eastern Tree Seed Laboratory has determined the moisture content of ...
LeRoy Jones
Water Dipping And Frozen Overwinter Storage Of Red And White Pine
In 1973 an experiment was started at Midhurst Nursery and Research Unit (100 km north of Toronto) to examine the effects of dipping the roots of bare-root ...
R. E. Mullin
Water Dipping and Moss Packaging for Frozen Overwinter Storage of Jack Pine
Water dipping and/or use of sphagnum moss was found unnecessary for frozen overwinter storage of jack pine in Kraft-polyethylene bags.
R. E. Mullin
Water Disinfecting Techniques for Plant Pathogen Control©
Many water sources for plant production need some form of treatment before the water can be reliably used for irrigation.
W. Yiasoumi
Water Management in Container Nurseries To Minimize Pests
Water is the most important and most common chemical used in plant nurseries. It is also the most dangerous chemical used. Insufficient water, excessive ...
R. Kasten Dumroese and Diane L. Haase
Water management in propagation
Water quality: its impacts on plant production
Water Recycling: How We Do It©
Our family owns and operates a foliage nursery in subtropics on the east coast of Australia. We have been on a 10-year journey building a new nursery and ...
E. Deckys
Water Requirements and Controls, Soil Fumigation and Rotation
Let's think about water in relation to our nursery soil. Water is fine in the right place, at the right time, and in specified amounts. In fact, what we need ...
Clyde L. Gehron
Water Saving, More Than Just Recycling©
This paper will provide information on the system of recycling water from the wetlands that Heyne's Wholesale Nursery has set up in conjunction with Salisbury ...
G. Heyne
Water Sealing of Vapam for Nursery Fumigation
During tests of rate of application of Vapam in the LSU School of Forestry nursery in 1955-56 1/, it was noted that although both applications of the Chemical ...
Charles B. Briscoe
Water soaking pretreatment improves rooting and early survival of hardwood cuttings of some populus clones
The success of plantation establishment using hardwood cuttings depends to a large extent on the ability of the cuttings to develop early and vigorous root ...
Larry A. Petersen and Howard M. Phipps
Water soluble fertilizers: best practices for a safer environment
Water supply and quality: the basics
Water treatment
Water Treatment Series, Part 7: Chlorine Dioxide Can Treat Water
Allan Miller, Bill Argo, Jill Marie Majka, Jinsheng Huang, Lars Marohn, Paul Fisher, Peter Konjoian, Rick Yates and Robert Wick
Water Treatment Series: Activated Peracids can Treat Water
R. Larose, P. Fisher, E. Austen and V. Choppakatla
Water treatment series: choose the best water-treatment method for your operation.
Water treatment series: gas chlorination can sanitize water.
Water treatment series: sodium, calcium hypochlorite can treat irrigation water.
Water treatment series: water sanitation using chlorine.
Water treatment series: waterborne pathogens affect water treatment.
Water treatment with copper ionization
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