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Winter "Purpling" In Pine Seedlings
Most nursery workers are familiar with the rather dramatic change in foliar color that occurs in some pine seedlings. Over the years, I have received several ...
Winter Foliage Color of Scotch Pine
Henry I. Baldwin
Winter Hardiness Assessment in Seedlings of Pure and Hybrid Pitch Pine
George P. Buchert
Winter Injury by Ice and Snow to Red Pine Nursery Stock
During the spring of 1966, severe mortality occurred in several nurseries in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. Beds of many red pine seedlings were almost ...
Darroll D. Skilling and Stuart H. Slayton
Winter Metabolism in Deciduous Trees: Mechanisms, Genes, and Associated Proteins
Alfonso A. Gardea, J. Antonio Orozco, Joy Winzerling, Luz Vázquez Moreno and Mónica L. García Bañuelos
Winter Planting Potential Of Four Eucalypt Species In South Florida
Almost 100 percent of eucalyptus seedlings survived when planted in December, during southwest Florida's driest winter. Eight-six percent of E. ...
Thomas F. Geary
Winter Sowing for Production of 1.0 Douglas-fir Planting Stock
Effects of early sowing on emergence and growth of Douglas-fir were examined in the Humboldt Nursery on California's north coast. In a 1979 study, seeds from ...
James L. Jenkinson and James A. Nelson
Winter Storage Of Shrubs For Timely Spring Shipping
Only healthy plants should be placed in cold storage because quality of the stored material does not improve. Each species should be checked during and after ...
Cluster R. Belcher and Fred B. Gaffney
© Winter variation in physiological status of cold stored and freshly lifted semi-evergreen Quercus nigra seedlings
Wire Girdles Increase Male Flower Production on Young Loblolly Pine Grafts
Gordon White and J. A. Wright
Wire-Bound Crate
The packing method used by the Morgan Nursery consists of a wire-bound wrap-around crate 11. Dimensions of this crate are 22 inches long, 16 inches wide, 10 ...
Mack Neal
Wire-Rolling Machine Saves Man Hours
The Delaware Department of Agriculture's new (1970) 12-acre nursery contains 3 acres of seedlings, divided into 52 beds at 4' wide and 420' long. Straw is ...
John M. Schalm and Michael von Reider
Wireless Network of Electronic Scales To Monitor the Substrate Volumetric Water Content for Managing Irrigation of Containerized Seedlings Produced in Forest Nurseries
An automated monitoring system of substrate volumetric water content (VWC) based on gravimetry has been developed to measure several seedling containers at a ...
Daniel Girard and Jean Gagnon
Wireless Water Management
Andrew G. Ristvey, G. F. Kantor and J. D. Lea-Cox
Wisconsin's SWAT Team
The SWAT Team is made up of 15-20 professionals who work for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, The U.S. Forest Service, and the University of ...
Jim Storandt
Within and Among Family Variation of Orchard and Wild-stand Progeny of Interior Spruce in British Columbia
A common garden study was conducted with seedlings of the interior spruce complex Voss and Parry and their hybrids, comparing seedling height growth using ...
Alvin D. Yanchuk, C. Hollefreund, G. O'Neill and M. Stoehr
Within-Provenance Variation in Yellow Birch
Knud E. Clausen
Within-Stand Clustering of Eastern White Pine Genotypes
Petr R. Brym and Robert T. Eckert
Within-Tree Variation Incortical Monoterpenes Of Slash Pine
Susan V. Kossuth and H. David Muse
Within-Tree Variation of Cortical Monoterpenes Due to Defoliation
James J. Tobolski
Wood ash application and liming: effects on soil chemical properties and growth of Scots pine transplants.
Wood Density and Percent Summerwood Variation Among Nine Loblolly Pine Seed Sources Grown in Alabama
Joseph R. Saucier and M. A. Taras
Wood Density Assessment of Diverse Families of Loblolly Pine Using X-Ray Densitometry
J. B. Jett, P. Belonger and Steven E. McKeand
Wood Formation in Loblolly Pine: Characterizing Gene Function in Xylem Morphogenesis
Campbell J. Nairn
Wood Property Variation in Populus
Dean W. Einspahr, Miles K. Benson and John R. Peckham
Wood Quality Considerations in Tree Improvement Activities
H. E. Whalgren
Wood Quality of Southern Pine Hybrids with Reference to Their Slash and Loblolly Parents
C. L. Huang, Dudley A. Huber, G. Powell, Gary F. Peter and X. B. Li
Wood Quality Under Intensive Forest Management
Alexander Clark, III and Richard F. Daniels
Wood shrub propagation: A comprehensive approach
The demand for increased biodiversity of species in forest revegetation projects has resulted in a renewed interest in native, woody shrub propagation. This ...
Terry L. Finnerty and Kathy M. Hutton
Wood Treated with Penta Can Damage Pine Nursery Seedlings
Wood treated with pentachlorophenol should be used with caution in pine seedling nurseries. During 1958 many freshly germinated pine seedlings died in ...
Edwin R. Ferguson
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